Private Pilot Certification

Thank you for inquiring about getting your Private Pilot Certificate! Federal Regulations mandate 40 hours of aeronautical experience (Flight Time) for the private pilot certificate (through a part 61 program), of which a minimum of 20 hours of training is with an instructor and 10 hours of solo flight. Training and solo time follow a strict training syllabus to insure you not only learn what is necessary, but feel the joy of flying!

History has shown that the current national average is 60-75 hours to attain the skills to obtain the certificate (ref. FAA).  However, our experience at Chinook Flight is 40-50 hours because we insist our customers plan on training a minimum of three times per week to maximize skill development and educational retention.  This helps reduce the amount of time, and, money, it costs YOU to get the license.  If you cannot commit to this frequency of training, please do contact us.  We will gladly work with you on a per hour basis. 

We employ the Redbird FMX Simulator to aid in developing those skills!  This is the best simulation equipment bar none, and contributes to your total savings!  

Here is a breakdown of the time and costs to acquire a Private Pilot Certificate:
Instruction (with materials) and aircraft are separate costs.  In this plan, the amount you pay for training is fixed and will never go up, providing you are averaging three lessons per week!  You may spend a bit more time in airplane rental but the instruction time and materials will never cost more.


The typical cost

WhatAmountIndividual costTotal cost
Flight Instruction30 hours$80.00 per hour$2,400.00
Pre & Post Reviews45 hours$80.00 per hour$3,600.00
Simulator Time5 hours$72.75 per hour$363.75
Private Pilot King Schools Ground school1$279.00$279.00



Our rate for instruction & stuff is a fixed rate!
Flat Rate$6,500.00
Down Payment$1,500.00
Five Payments$1000.00


The “other” costs

Private Pilot Practical Test (Check-ride)~$500.00
Non-owners aircraft ("renters") insurance~$600.00
Aviation Medical Exam~$150.00
(optional) Personal headset~$350.00



All Students become student members of Puget Sound Flyers Club!
The following is an estimate of the cost using one of the clubs airplanes at club rates:

AircraftAverage hours requiredCost per hourTotal estimated cost
Cessna 15045$134.00$6030.00 (plus tax)
Cessna 17245$145.00$6525.00 (plus tax)