Pilot Training

Our qualified instructors are here to teach you all necessary skills to become a safe and proficient pilot.
Whether you are just getting started, or are interested in furthering your knowledge such as instrument training, we are here to help. 

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Full Motion Simulator

We offer training in the state-of-the-art Redbird FMX Full Motion Simulator to aid in training and be able to simulate many real world scenarios.

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FAA Authorized Testing Facility

Chinook Flight is an Authorized CATS FAA Knowledge Testing Facility.

We provide testing for the wide variety of FAA tests such as Private Pilot Knowledge Testing and the new Drone Remote Pilot Certificate.

ABOUT Chinook Flight


Chinook Flight is Paine Field’s (KPAE) finest Flight Training Center, specializing in IFR Training through advanced Full Motion Simulator technology. 
Come on in and see for yourself!

You can log 20 hours in the Redbird FMX toward your Instrument Rating Saving you upwards of $70.00 per hour ($1400.00 total) on your Instrument Rating.
Then, for the flight portion, you can join Puget Sound Flyers and use their Fully IFR Equipped Cessna 150 (yes, a 150!) for only $95 per hour, saving more money!

We also provide FAA knowledge testing for the new Drone Remote Pilot Certificate.