Instrument Rating and Commercial

Instrument: Federal Regulations mandate 40 hours of instrument (simulated or actual) aeronautical experience (Flight Time) for the Instrument Rating under Part 61 regulations. 

We employ the REDBIRD Flight Simulator Advanced Aviation Training Device (the best simulator for General Aviation Use, BAR NONE!) to get the most value for your money.  It’s so good, the FAA themselves use a full series of them to keep their personnel fully trained. This is no pretty box sitting in a small room on a table. The Redbird is a full motion trainer that allows us to stop, relocate, and adapt to YOUR particular needs. No wasted time (and EXPENSE). From the moment you are in the simulator, every bit of time is devoted to skill development, not flying around waiting for ATC or other activities.

Fully, 20 hours of your 40 hours is replaced with the Redbird, not 10 hours like others. This adds enormous value to your training AND your wallet.

But also: When it comes to Instrument Training, don’t you want your instructors to have Real World experience? We are professional instructors! We have been professionally employed as pilots, flying in “the system” for quite some time. We know what it is like out there, flying across the country (and the world) in solid IMC.  We aren’t giving you just the experience of a sterile training environment.  We are bringing with us years of challenging experiences that we are ready to share with you.

Commercial: Because most pilots come to us for commercial training with varying degrees of experience and hours, we tailor your plan to you.  Please contact us TODAY to put together your customized commercial training plan!

Here is our package for training to attain the Instrument rating added onto your Private Pilot Certificate:
(Some may take longer, but the cost of instruction will never go up! Some extra airplane time may be needed though, for extra cost)


The typical cost
WhatAmountIndividual costTotal cost
Flight Instruction (Airplane and Simulator)40 hours$80.00 per hour$3,200.00
Pre & Post Reviews30 hours$80.00 per hour$2,400.00
Simulator Time20 hours$72.75 per hour$1,455.00
Instrument Rating King Schools Ground school1$279.00$279.00



Our rate for instruction & stuff is a fixed rate!
Flat Rate Total!$7,000.00
Down Payment$1,500.00
Five Payments$1,100.00


The “other” costs
Instrument Rating Practical Test (Check-ride)~$500.00
Aviation Medical Exam (if required, Class III minimum)~$99.00
Non-owners aircraft ("renters") insurance~$600.00



All Students become student members of Puget Sound Flyers Club!
The following is an estimate of the cost using one of the clubs airplanes at club rates:

AircraftAverage hours requiredCost per hourTotal estimated cost
Cessna 150M
IFR & well equipped!
24$134.00$3216.00 (plus tax)
Cessna 17224$145.00$3480.00 (plus tax)
Cessna 177B24$152.50$3660.00 (plus tax)